Express European Transport

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Express European Transport

Access Logistics are specialist in the Express European Transport market and offer a full range of options. The term Express can mean many things and depends entirely upon the specific needs in each individual case. We have many years experience within this field and will always provide the best, most cost effective solution for you.

The size and urgency of the movement, will of course dictate the size and type of equipment, whether by dedicated express vans or double-manned articulated vehicles. There are also many occasions when a semi-express options is more suited to guarantee a specific delivery date or booking time. We will always discuss all suitable options with you to ensure you receive the best solution for your needs.

Whether your goods require standard vehicles or temperature control (Chilled or Frozen), we have a wide network ready to help. Not just to or from the UK, but from or to ANYWHERE in Europe.

  • Semi Express options available
  • Full Dedicated Express services 
  • Full range of equipment from Vans to double manned trailers
  • Express Options available for Ambient, Chilled and Frozen products
  • Cross trade

We have great experience arranging Express movements for all industry sectors, please find some examples below:-

  • AOG – Aircraft on Ground
  • Food – Ambient and Temperature Controlled
  • E-Commerce
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Exhibitions
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Ships Spares
  • Events

Equipment Range

Panel Vans

  • Up to 1200 kgs Payload
  • Capacity up to 5 Pallets
  • Box Van for high security

Curtain Sided Vans

  • Between 1200- 1500 kgs Payload
  • Can load from the Side, Rear or overhead
  • Capacity up to 8-10 Euro Pallets
  • Up to 250 cms internal Height
  • Tail-lift Option Available

Thermo Van (Temperature Controlled)

  • Up to 900 kgs Payload
  • Capacity up to 8 Euro Pallets
  • Temperature Controlled between -20 – +30 C
  • Tail-Lift options available

7.5 Tonne Vehicle

  • Up to 2300 kgs – 3000 kgs Payload 
  • Curtain Sided or Box vehicle options
  • Capacity between 11 – 16 Euro Pallets
  • Up to 250 cms Internal height options
  • Tail-lift option available

18 Tonne Vehicle

  • Up to 10000 kgs Payload
  • Curtain sided or Box vehicle options
  • Capacity 16 – 18 Pallets
  • Tail-lift options Available
  • Load height up to 260 cms internal

13.6 Metre Trailer

  • Up to 24500 kgs Payload
  • Curtain sided, Box or Temperature controlled options
  • Capacity up to 33 Euro Pallets or 66 Double stacked
  • Height options between 270 – 300 cms 

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