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Loading metre and Pallets definitions

A loading metre is the standard unit of measurement for transport by road. One loading meter is 1 metre of loading space of a truck’s length.

What does this mean?
When the approx. width of a truck is 2.4 m, 1 loading meter is approx. 2.4 m² (2.4 m wide x 1 m long).

General size of trucks in Europe
In Europe the general length for International trailers, such as Tautliners, Euro liners, Mega, Box or Frigo is 13.6 metres
Therefore each trailer will usually carry either 26 Standard Pallets or 33 Euro-Pallets single stacked

Height varies from 2.55 – 3.00 metres and the width is usually 2.45 metres

UK Standard Pallet
Size: 1.00 x 1.20 metres (0,5 loading metres)
Max. height: 2.20 metres

Size: 0.80 x 1.20 metres (0,4 loading metres)
Max. height: 2.20 metres

Note: The maximum weight per loading meter is 1850 kgs (unless under special agreement)

EP = Euro pallet with dimensions 0.8m (length) x 1.2m (width)

Euro Pallet image

Trailer Fleet Specifications

Please find below details of our Standard trailer specifications:-

Standard Trailer ImageMega Trailer ImageFrigo Trailer ImageMaxi Frigo Image

BIFA Standard Trading Conditions 2017

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